The data gathered on a market to understand the needs of customers detect new trends in your industry and thus legitimize decision-making related to the products that have to be distributed to the mode of implementation. Our goal is to evaluate the budget and to mobilize in order to ensure an effective commercialization.


Clev Capital’s strategic study is customized. It helps you to reduce risks and adopt a successful strategy that is efficient and customized to the specificities of your offer and targeted markets.
Clev Capital experts analyze the circumstances in their environment, in terms of your offer and your needs. They study the commercial effectiveness of your business according to local purchase instruments, potential customers, distribution channels…

This will give you the means to undertake a successful and sized commercial strategy. You end up with a personalized analysis based on a refined and realistic study of the target market.

A study of the market is a part of the commercial development that includes:

  • An analysis of the market.
  • An analysis of the supply and the offer.
  • An analysis of demand.
  • An analysis of the regulatory environment.


In an economic and financial environment in continuous evolution, it is crucial to identify strengths and weaknesses, but also any issues to face, in order to ensure its development and to cope with the competition. 

Clev Capital guides you and helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, be aware of the opportunities and control potential risks encountered

 in the future. ​Our team ensures the development of a solid and systematized strategic diagnosis, and will help you understand the company’s current position and develop concrete strategies while maintaining the values of your current benefits. The methods and tools provided by our consultants have proven themselves and clearly identified the strategic axes of development and growth of our clients, as well as the projects to be implemented to allow your organization to meet the challenges of the company’s future.

  • Strategic diagnosis.
  • Identifying the forces and weaknesses.
  • Prioritization of actions to be taken.
  • Identification of risks and opportunities.

Elaboration of targeting and positioning strategies


How to differentiate from the competitors? How to position your offer to bring unique value? How to target a profitable segment? What position to adopt? Clev Capital is committed to bring you answers to all your questions of positioning and targeting strategies.
Before implementing any strategy, we begin each assignment with a reflection on the positioning of the company, also the coherency between the position and the targets of the company.

Once the research is completed, after having identified potential segments of the market, Clev Capital helps you to determine the most profitable target clients and the most relevant segments.
Targeting is the second step in the strategic process of Clev Capital. After the construction of segments within the market, we’ll help you target segments, for which you must focus your resources and efforts.
Targeting is the second step in the strategic process of Clev Capital. After the construction of segments within the market, we’ll help you target segments, for which you must focus your resources and efforts.

Development of economic models

The business model of a company presents the division of activity and the source of its income in order to reach profitability.
Beforehand, we must distinguish the case of operators from other manufacturers. For the latter, it must be Clev Capital has its two concepts of the economic model, which follow one another in time :LEVÉE-DE-FONDS

  • A “technical model” who must verify the robustness and interoperability of the choices made in this area.
  • An “organizational model” that defines the insertion of the technical solution developed within the Organization on the basis of analyses of costs and benefits of the various options available (in terms of scale of deployment of required human resources, outsourcing, etc.).

Our goal is to extract information for the development of an efficient and effective business model for your growth and development.


The current uncertain environment leads organizations to invest and analyze their control system, including the risk management system.. Clev Capital is committed to working on your system of action and taking into account the current situations, the acquired information and the organizational process.
Our concept of risk management objectives are to:

  • Support our clients in the identification and control of the operational risks associated with their activities.
  • Assist leaders in identifying and managing strategic risks related to the company and their function.

Our team is responsible for each unit selected, the list of its activities and objectives with its officials corresponding. For each analyzed activity, the team conducts an assessment of several elements: objectives of the activity, internal and external causes.


 This requires the implementation of a system of risk management built on detection, identification, assessment and mapping, treatment, and finally the cockpit.


Managing the growth of a company presents both opportunities and challenges. The concept of Leadership in a market in its sector is promising, but needs to take into a number of pitfalls and issues.
Clev Capital is developing a strategic and financial plan that is suitable to your financial and economic strategy through a team with the appropriate information and communications technology resources.

Clev Capital supports you throughout your strategic projects:

  • Business strategy:
    •       Study of market and the competitive position of the company.
    •       Definition of the development plan (internal and external growth).
    •       Business plan and determination of funding needs.
    •       Support for the definition of the organizational scheme.
  • Public development strategy:
    •       Definition of sector strategy.
    •       Structuring of project.
  • Structuring of project:
    •       Coordination of technical, commercial, financial and legal studies.
    •       Financial modeling.
  • Support of the operational implementation:
    •       Coaching ;
    •       Development of monitoring tools (technical, financial, environmental and social).
    •       Operational communication


Project monitoring has become so extensive that it became vital to so many business lines. Due to its collaborative-work promotion qualities, it represents one of the best tools to optimize the companies’ activities and the management of its resources.

Our project management expertise makes of us the destination of choice of every company aiming to be the best. We are committed to help you attain your goals by planning your projects, analyzing the potential risks and coordinating your activities.


Staffed by technical experts in strategic and operative management, we will ensure the overall success of your projects while avoiding schedule deviations and costs variances, and also by managing the threats that can obstruct your activity.

  • You have a project idea but have no clue where to start? Our consulting experts will help you bring your ideas to life by elaborating tailored financial studies, fundraising, as well as a follow-up all along your project.
  • You have a capital but have no idea where to invest? Our collaborators will manage to develop an innovative concept, leading to a real value creation.
  • You want to outsource the management of your company? Clev Capital will help you make your business take off and accompany you in your management process.


Many business owners,especially those who have problems when looking for funding or lacking an investor’s network, they always wonder : Should I call on a fundraiser specialist?
Clev Capital assists you in the financial development of your activity in terms of debt or equity fundraising. Thanks to our good insights on many financial players and their requirements,
LEVÉE-DE-FONDS our experts are able to make a link between all the different projects they’re exposed to and the capitals, which allows them to ensure a meticulous upstream groundwork as well as a follow-up work till the financial closing.

  • Operating income analysis and balance techniques..
  • Competitiveness, quality measure instruments and progression tracking according to the goals set in the context of the diagnosis.
  • Profitability calculation.
  • Debt consolidation.


Understanding the economic flows is necessary for enhancing its management and having an idea about the wealth of its firm. According to this, financial diagnosis is a precious tool for identifying the strong and weak spots of your activity.DIAGNOSTIC-FINANCIERClev Capital provides you with an external perspective, allowing us to establish the analysis of your company towards its upturn.We master :

  • Financial modeling and transaction structuring.
  • Valorization of the company or the project.
  • Documentation drafting for investors (Investment memorandum).
  • Short-listing of the investors / potential purchasers.
  • Negotiation of the best terms and conditions.
  • Coordination / facilitation until  the financial closing.